JNTO has opened applications for the first online version of its hosted buyers’ programme “Meet Japan”, in late January 2021.

Japan offers a diverse and unique selection of world-class meeting venues and cultural experiences, with something new and exciting to discover on every visit.

Meet Japan is a hosted buyers’ programme for international association representatives that gives you an opportunity to discover the diversity of Japan’s convention cities. Due to COVID-19, many of you may not be able to travel to Japan yet, so we decided to help you prepare for your business recovery by setting up a fully online Meet Japan, including seminars, virtual fam trips and online meetings with the local convention bureaus.

Why Attend?

✔ World-renowned core PCO representatives will share tips for holding international conferences and meetings in Japan.
✔ If you complete the full programme (2 fam trips, and 5 1on1 meetings), you will have priority to be invited for actual on-site hosted visits, once your proposed conference is ready to take the next step.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. You are representing an international conference which has the possibility of bidding to convene in Japan or in Asia in the near future.

2. Your conference gathers more than 100 delegates, with at least 30% from outside of Japan (at least two foreign countries).
*If your conference has fewer than 100 people, please contact the email below for more information.

3. The candidate city from Japan has not yet been decided.
*Priority will go to associations with a Japanese member who is seriously considering hosting the conference


Meet Japan will be held in late January 2021, consisting of the following three parts:
1. Educational Seminar
2. Live stream of our Online Fam Trip
3. Online Japan Convention Trade Mart, which gives Hosted Buyers the opportunity to meet with potential partners from other cities.


To apply, please complete and send the application form to: 

Mr Aurélien Bandini 

Application deadline for Meet Japan is set on 6th November 2020.